Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My first attempt at video editing on linux

It's been a while now since I sold my iMac. The one thing I've missed the most since that day has been the video editing (I haven't touched my mini-dv since). Tonight I decided I would give kino a shot. It's pretty good but it's definitely not iMovie. For some reason I was not able to get the transitions working on my system. I'll try and figure that out tomorrow. In the meantime I've uploaded a sample video of some clips of me and my wife on Topsail Beach, NC.

On a side note, people should give try. It's the first video service I've found that has first class support for ogg theora (big thumbs up). If you create an account be sure not to re-use a password as everything is done over HTTP (that's a big thumbs down).

*UPDATE* At least on my machine I wasn't able to get the aforementioned embedded video to play. I don't know anything about the cortado applet but apparently that's what is being used. Anyway, it plays on my machine with mplayer and at the moment that's the only thing that matters.

*UPDATE* I think the only thing I needed was the gstreamer-plugin rpm installed. Now it's working for me.

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